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Ultraweave® 606

Airtech developed Ultraweave® 606 in response to back pressure and porosity problems caused by polyester breathers trapping off. Polyester breathers have a high melt point and low softening point (VSP) which causes the fibers to fuse together, restricting airflow over 250°F (120°C). After high pressure and temperature cures, polyester breathers can compress to paper-like (thin) sheets that will not channel air.

Features include :

  • Reduce back pressure and porosity problems.
  • Nylon breather for maximum airflow under a vacuum bag in the autoclave.
  • Maximum use temperature 450°F (232°C).
  • High temperature softening point.
  • Natural fire retardant.
  • Will not compress like polyester, allowing increased airflow.
  • Stretches more than most 10 oz. polyester breathers.
  • Lightweight yet conformable 6 oz/yd2 (204 g/m2) breather that replaces most 10 oz (304 g) polyester breathers.

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