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Vac Valve 409 SS HTR and Vac Valve 429 SS HTR

Vac Valve 409 SS HTR and Vac Valve 429 SS HTR are durable, stainless steel vacuum valves. They were designed for high temperature cures where standard valves with silicone rubber seals fail. Vac Valve 409SS HTR is used with the AHTC-1000 QTD Quick Disconnect Coupling for convenient connections to high temperature vacuum hoses. The Vac Valve 429 SS HTR connects directly to the vacuum hose with high temperature graphite sealing gaskets. These valves provide a safe connection for high temperature processes, such as thermoplastics.


  • Design puts zero torque on bag film.
  • High quality components ensure longevity.
  • VV 409 SS HTR gasketless design and VV429 SS HTR inorganic gasket allow ultra high temperature use.

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