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Dahlar® Release Bag 125

Dahlar® Release Bag 125 is an economical film designed for both vacuum bagging and release applications. It is compatible with most resin systems making it an economical choice for vacuum bagging in autoclave and oven cures up to 285°F (140°C). This formulation has improved tear resistance and elongation over products previously offered as low temperature, multiple process films. Dahlar® Release Bag 125 (0.001 inch) is the ideal release film for polyester or vinylester resins as well as epoxies and phenolics. Dahlar® Release Bag 125 is also offered with our embossed, cracked ice pattern making it a breather, release film and vacuum bag all-in-one.

Features include:

  • Inexpensive multi-layer construction.
  • Good elongation.
  • High strength.
  • Compatible with most resin systems for cures up to 285°F (140°C).
  • Excellent choice for tooling and component cures in autoclave and oven.
  • Natural fire retardant.
  • Reduce wrinkle mark-off on parts due to softness of the film.
  • Available in embossed/cracked ice pattern.

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